Understanding Speedtronic Mark VI and Mark VIe Part Numbers

When working with any legacy system it’s important to understand naming conventions of the part numbers and how those part numbers may have changed through various part runs. AX Control sells many legacy systems, including several of the Speedtronic series like the Mark I-II, Mark IV, the Mark V, as well as the Speedtronic Mark VI and Mark VIe series boards.

When we look at GE’s Speedtronic Mark VI and Mark VIe as an example, we can see how this works. They have designed their part number so it gives the user a significant amount of information–if you know how to break down that information properly. Let’s look at one example.

An IS200AEAAH1CPR1 board from GE's MKVI Speedtronic line for gas and steam turbine control.
The IS200AEAAH1CPR1 Mark VI Turbine Control Card, available on AXControl.com

If we take the above IS200AEAAH1CPR1 board, we can break the number down into several different parts that will each tell us something about the board: IS/2/00/AEAA/H/1/C/PR1

Deciphering Mark VI and Mark VIe Numbers

  1. Issuing Organization Code:
    • (IS) From GE Power, Salem, VA, USA
    • (DS): From GE Power, Salem, VA, USA
  2. Hazardous Substance Code:
    • (2) -Not RoHS compliant
    • (4) RoHS Compliant
  3. Assembly Level Code
    • (00) PCBA
    • (01) Coated PCBA
    • (05) PCBA that is designed to be soldered into another PCBA
    • (10) PCBA with an added assembly process or manufacturing step
    • (11) A coated PCBA with added assembly process
    • (15) PCBA with additional firmware and/or daughterboard
    • (20) One or more PCBAs within an enclosure
    • (21) One or more coated PCBAs within an enclosure
    • (30) One or more printed wiring assembly on a base
    • (31) One or more coated printed wiring assemblies on a base
  4. Board or Module Type
    • Four-letter code (typically a mnemonic device) that describes the function of the board.
  5. Technology Code
    • (G)The board has no surface-mount technology, only lead-through hole components
    • (H) Surface-mount components are present
    • (S) A functional safety system component
  6. Assembly Variant
    • Excluding zero, this is one numeric character.
  7. Backward Compatibility Version
    • One alpha character (excludes I, O, and Q)
  8. Printed Wiring Assembly Version
    • (BR+one numeric character excluding zero) Breadboard
    • (PR+one numeric character excluding zero) Prototype
    • (One alpha character, excluding I, O, or Q) Production
  9. Optional Character
    • One alpha character excluding I, O or Q
    • Boards marked for use in hazardous or classified locations: X

While these naming conventions were typically used for GE boards in these series, as with all evolving systems, there will be some exceptions. This information should be taken as a starting point rather than an end in your search for more information about your PCBs.

Mark VI and Mark VIe boards were designed by General Electric for industrial control systems across a full spectrum of applications, including steam and gas turbines, as well as wind and hydro applications.

Read more about the history of GE Speedtronic Turbine Control. And feel free to contact us for any of your MKVI or other Speedtronic needs.