A Short History of Eurotherm

What do you know about the history of Eurotherm?

Industrial companies grow, merge, and get bought out by larger companies. This is not unusual. But when you’re trying to track down legacy products, it can make life difficult.
At AX Control, we’ve had plenty of experience with these changes. We have plenty of experience working with older parts that “used to be” made under a different company name.

History of Eurotherm

In the case of Eurotherm, company history takes a few zigs and zags. Expansions and mergers play heavily in its history. Even so, products remained branded as “Eurotherm.” For example, new parts produced by Schneider Electric are still sold under the Eurotherm name.

Eurotherm manufactures several types of drives, including DC drives, solid-state inverter AC drives used to control the speed of 3-phase motors, as well as Vector Link Drives. This discontinued series takes control of drive functions. It can set itself to proper motor parameters.

Of course, Eurotherm is known for other things, too; they also manufacturer PID and temperature controllers as well as other components that have been widely used for decades.

Eurotherm Ltd formed in June of 1965 in the UK. It combined with three other companies (Chessell Recorders, Shackelton System Drives, and Turnbull Control Systems) and expanded into Eurotherm International in 1974. Four years later, the company went public and started trading on the London Stock Exchange.

Where Eurotherm is Today

By the late 1990s, Eurotherm had expanded again. By now daughter companies were located all over the globe, including in the US, France, Hong Kong, and Australia. After a 2014 acquisition, Eurotherm changed its name to Invensys. Schneider Electric bought out Invensys later that year. Schneider is responsible for the production of new Eurotherm products. It is a 180-year-old French company that also produces other well-known manufacturing lines like Square D and Pro-Face.

AX Control maintains a stock of Square D, Eurotherm, and Pro-Face products. If you need help sourcing replacement components for any Eurotherm series, let us know. We are happy to help!