Augmented Reality in Manufacturing: How it Will Change the Industry

You’ve already been interacting with AR on a regular basis…..

Augmented Reality in manufacturing and in other sectors is becoming more common.

For example, when you sit down to watch the NFL playoffs, pay attention to those first-down markers, scrimmage lines, and text or images hovering just above the field.  You know the ones I’m talking about–those little extra helpers that make it that much easier to follow the game and to know whether Tyreek Hill managed to get the first down (I mean–c’mon: he’s got Mahomes passing to him.  You know he did.)  

Maybe without even realizing it, you’ve been interacting with Augmented Reality (AR) technology each and every time you’ve lined up your remotes (or whatever good luck tradition rules in your house) and rooted for your favorite team.  NFL broadcasts show just how easy it is to implement and interact with AR. It might also explain why you should be using this technology in your manufacturing plant if you’re not already. 

Officials on an NFL field.  Augmented Reality is used to help viewers watching the NFL.
“Penalty Flag – Kansas City Chiefs v Jacksonville Jaguars – Officials – 2016” by Dis da fi we is licensed with CC BY-NC-SA 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit
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NEMA vs IP Ratings: What to Know

If you work in an industrial or manufacturing setting, you’ve probably seen pieces of equipment marked with NEMA or IP ratings. This article will help explain a little about what those ratings are, and what they mean. Also, we’ll do a little NEMA vs. IP Ratings comparison.

History and Use, NEMA vs IP Ratings

IP is a European standard. IP stands for Ingress Protection. The National Electrical Manufacturer Association created American NEMA rating standards. This organization is responsible for developing technical standards for the enclosures, batteries, and switchgear to millions of Member products like motors, medical imaging equipment, and lighting. The National Electrical Manufacturers Association also offers consulting services and advocates policy change for the industry to all levels of government.

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