What Is Electro-Hydraulic Control in Industrial Automation?

No one ever said industrial automation was simple—electro-hydraulics certainly aren’t. However, learning how to control them is essential for automation.

Industrial automation is a field with tons of different processes and technologies—one of the most useful of which is electro-hydraulics. While this concept is fascinating on its own, electro-hydraulics are useless without a way to control them. We’re going to dive deeper into electro-hydraulic control in industrial automation, as well as take a look at how electro-hydraulics are useful in a variety of facilities and applications.

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Gas Turbine Maintenance Strategies To Consider

No matter what kind of gas turbine you use in your facility, there are a few core maintenance strategies that you should consider. Read on to learn more.

Many gas turbines are constantly at work in different facilities, but the maintenance strategies for keeping them up and running are largely the same. We’ve made a list of a few gas turbine maintenance strategies to consider to help your facility thrive.

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The Difference Between DC & AC Drives in Automation

You can’t have success in the automation industry without DC or AC drives. Learn more about each type of drive and what makes them different in this guide.

Electrical motors are essential in automation, but they aren’t nearly as useful without a drive to regulate speed. Alternating current and direct current drives are crucial to the performance of motion control systems, but each tackles its job in a different way. Keep reading to discover the difference between DC and AC drives in automation and learn which is better for you.

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