Gas Turbine Maintenance Strategies To Consider

No matter what kind of gas turbine you use in your facility, there are a few core maintenance strategies that you should consider. Read on to learn more.

Gas Turbine Maintenance Strategies To Consider

Many gas turbines are constantly at work in different facilities, but the maintenance strategies for keeping them up and running are largely the same. We’ve made a list of a few gas turbine maintenance strategies to consider to help your facility thrive.

Understand Your Assets

This might be an obvious suggestion, but make sure you know what you’re working with! Having a clear understanding of your current assets and procedures is essential to setting up a viable strategy. If you haven’t put pen to paper yet for your strategy, make that a priority. You can work out the gaps and kinks after writing everything down.

Prioritize Proactivity

Proactive maintenance is everything in an industrial environment. For gas turbines, you can avoid unnecessary downtime by fixing problems before they arise through condition-based maintenance. You’ll see many touting the benefits of time-based maintenance, but condition-based maintenance is more effective.

Time-based maintenance may cause you to replace components before they’ve worn down, meaning you’re wasting hours of use. When you change out parts based on condition, you know you’re getting the most out of them before replacements.

Determine Your Optimum Maintenance Process

Just as optimum organizational processes exist, optimum maintenance processes also exist. Collect data on your gas turbine in order to determine how to optimize these processes, like condition-based maintenance. You won’t know exactly the right time to replace a component until you can see your turbine’s performance data, with components showing varying degrees of wear.

Once you know the prime time for replacements, you can purchase components like the Mark IV DS3800 gas turbine control system to avoid extended downtime.

Now that you know these gas turbine maintenance strategies to consider, implement them at your organization. You’ll be surprised how much something like preventative maintenance can do for productivity in your facility!