Cognex InSight: Answers to FAQs


What Is Cognex InSight?

Cognex InSight is a family of vision systems typically used on the factory floor to identify, inspect, and guide parts. Depending on the model, In-Sight cameras offer high-resolution and high-speed built into a rugged body capable of holding up to demanding industrial applications with pinpoint accuracy.

How to Find the IP Address of a Cognex InSight Vision System

New Cognex vision systems have DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) enabled. This means your camera will listen for a DHCP server to assign it an address. However, if this does not happen automatically the Cognex In-Sight camera will default to a Link-Local IP address in the range.

Cognex InSight Camera from AX Control stock.
Cognex Vision System

While it doesn’t work on all models, on some older cameras you can connect via MAC address (printed on the sticker) rather than through the IP address.

How to Maintain the Cognex In-Sight Vision Sensor Window

To maintain the sharp capabilities of Cognex cameras, keep the camera’s image sensor window free of dust and other contaminants. Use a pressurized air duster to remove any foreign matter that could impede images. Also, don’t touch the glass. But if smudges remain use a cotton bud dipped in ethyl, isopropyl, or methyl alcohol with excess moisture removed to gently remove them.

How to Restore a Cognex Camera

There is no reset switch on In-sight vision systems. To reset the In-sight platform, turn off the power for five seconds. The camera will reset when the power restores.

The UserSetSave command on your camera will let you back-up and restore files. This will save to the camera’s memory. While job files can be backed up to USB, the vision system’s CXD and OCR Autotune records will not copy over to your USB device.

How to Use a Cognex In-Sight Vision System

Even though working with the Cognex Insight is intuitive, a manual makes everything easier. If you need an InSight Vision manual please let your sales representative here at AX Control, Inc know when you are placing an order.