Create a Machine Training Video with this Hack

Creating a training video for your HMI doesn’t have to be difficult. Here’s an easy hack.

If you’ve ever wanted to create an instructional machine training video for one of your HMIs to use in operator training but aren’t sure how to go about doing that, we have a simple hack for you–actually, two.

Close up of an EA7-T6CL HMI from Automation Direct.  There are simple ways to create machine training videos for HMIs.
The EA7-T6CL HMI from Automation Direct.

The first hack is to use software that allows you to record the screen of your computer and edit it as you need to, like OBS Studio or Flashback Recorder. This type of software will allow you to easily record, edit, and share your machine training video even if you have little video production experience. Many of these software platforms have free versions that are entirely adequate to create your training video, as well as premium versions with more bells and whistles, like the ability to record from several monitors, add a watermark to protect your work, and to create a higher performance recording.

The second hack is to use the Game mode on your computer. This only works if you are running Windows 10, as it was a new feature with the Creators Update. But once you’ve activated this built-in tool you will have the option to record by pressing the red record button. You can toggle this button again to stop recording or use the Windows Key plus Alt+T. Then you can record the screen as you access the HMI remotely. Videos are automatically saved in your Videos\Captures folder as .mp4 files. There is also an option in settings that allows you to toggle on background recording.

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