Innovative Drone Uses to Stop COVID-19’s Spread

Alphabet drone delivering a package.  Just one example of innovative drone use during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic.
Alphabet’s Wing drones are delivering food, medicine, and household goods. Image courtesy: AP

Even before the coronavirus outbreak impacted every aspect of our daily lives, innovative drone use was making significant breakthroughs in a wide variety of industries. From retail to their increasing adoption by industrial and manufacturing firms, drones are becoming commonplace.

But as hospitals, companies, and municipalities learn how to operate under new social-distancing guidelines, drones have become even more useful and are being used for a number of unique tasks.

Innovative Drone Applications

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Hacks for Working From Home

We know many of you have employees working remotely, so we’ve created this Infographic focusing on some hacks for working from home. These quick tips should help with productivity during this difficult time.

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Covid-19 and Business Operations Now

It’s safe to say Covid-19 and business operations don’t mix. As the world deals with this pandemic, many companies have moved their workforce to stay-at-home protocols, allowing employees the option to work virtually.   But most manufacturers are exempt from these mandates due to the nature of their business. In fact, as vast economic sectors stutter to a near-stop, the world is looking toward manufacturers to step up production and respond to the crisis with quick production of scarce and necessary items.  

The industry has answered this call.  In the last few weeks, additive manufacturers have begun producing ventilator parts, test swabs, and face shields even as whiskey manufacturing plants change over to making sanitizer.  Automotive manufacturers have even changed over some factory machinery so they can provide medical masks and other necessary equipment rather than making automotive parts or cars. 

As our industry deals with these unprecedented changing workplace and economic challenges, many are balancing several different concerns. This includes how to keep employees safe and how to continue meeting existing customer needs while also satisfying the needs of new customers.   How to maintain the economic stability and flexibility necessary for continued business operations while achieving those goals is also a goal. Manufacturers are simply trying to keep their doors open as demand for their products decreases or their supply chain becomes temporarily knotted. Trying to balance this with a temporary revenue loss can be challenging, especially while maintaining regular operations and staffing levels. What should you be doing in the short term as we all work our way through these issues? 

Covid-19 and Business Operations: Customer Outreach

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