Symax Class 8020 Fault Codes

Check out our list of Schneider Square D SyMax Class 8020 fault codes.

We offer these codes for those who would like to have more information about typical machine errors that may occur on your current equipment. Feel free to print out this list for quick reference. And if you need us, remember our team is here to assist with fast and professional repairs.

SyMax Class 8020 Model 300

The Symax Model 300 error codes will display on a connected CRT screen.

Error code Description
01Illegal protocol opcode, the SY/MAX device does not recognize the instruction
02Illegal intermediate code format.
03An illegal address has been attempted.SY/MAX device does not contain the requested register(s).
04Illegal rack addressing has been attempted.
Attempt was made to incorrectly edit rack addressing
051. An instruction has been attempted which is not supported in this type processor
(Example: square root calculation attempted in Model 300 processor.)
2. Incorrect mode set for NIM port connected to a processor (receiving device). Mode set for 8881 mode or peripheral mode.
3. In a Nel-to-Net link, the two NIMs have different address settings (on thumb-wheels), or link is between ‘0’ port on one and ‘l’ port on the other.
06Unable to find the searched-for item.
07An attempt has been made to alter data in a protected register
08An attempt has been made to access protected memory
09An attempt has been made to alter data in a READ ONLY register or a register containing external inputs
10An attempt has been made to exceed memory limitations
11Communication Error. Sy/Max Device went into an overflow condition
12Illegal CPU rack addressing. Attempted rack address is incompatible with processor hardware
13Communications error (link error.)
14Operation not allowed to run.
15Communications overflow.
16The register count in a communication rung is too large for the processor.
17Unable to establish communications to remote Sy/Max Device.
18The rung number used is not allowed
19An illegal READ parameter has been assigned
20Channel number in a communication rung is too large for the processor.
The first 20 error codes on a Model 300

SyMax Class 8020 Processor.  Many available in AX Control Stock.
SCP-401 Module from SyMax

SyMax 8020 Model 400

The Symax Model 400 makes use of an enhanced print rung format allowing the user to input ASCII-coded data. Error codes typically appear within the Status Register.

Error NumberDescription
11The model is not capable of properly handle incoming
characters due to demands from other interrupts
13Parity error
15Framing error, typically caused by word structure issues or
baud rate
17Termination occurred before full ASCII string was received.
The results from the CPU going to halt, or bit 16 of Register
8099/8100 being set. If the latter, the buffers in line for ASCII
input are cleared
19Buffer overflow. The 256 character buffer was filled before
the terminating character was received.
Most common errors on a Model 400.

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