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AX Control is a BBB Accredited Automation System Dealer in Cary, NC


Frequently Asked Questions

Send us your questions at or call us at 919-372-8413!

We will do our very best to find a solution to whatever problems our customers put forth.

What is your turn around time for repairs?

In many cases we can receive an item and have it shipped back out within 24 hours. Call for more details.

Where is AX Control Inc. located?

We are based out of Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina but have multiple warehouses throughout the United States.

Can you ship same day?

In most cases yes, depending on our inventory. Call for more details!

What are AX Control's Hours of Operation?
Usually 8AM-5PM Eastern Standard Time, though we do try to keep a salesman on call after hours as well.
Where do you ship?

We can ship anywhere around the world that is not currently under US Embargo.

Does AX Control grant Net 30 Terms?

Yes, we do. Generally speaking we will freely grant Net 30 to any return customers, or any reputable customer of our affiliate company, PDF Supply.

What kinds of payment does AX Control accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, or American Express credit cards, as well as wire transfers and Paypal. We also accept cash for local pick ups.

Does my product from AX Control come with a warranty?

The majority of our products come with a 3-year AX Control warranty, however, AX Control reserves the right to decide which products the warranty will apply to.

AX Control Inc. Policies (Terms and Conditions)

We try to maintain the small company approach with our customers, prioritizing flexibility and customer service. We hope we can go above and beyond to reduce your downtime, find the part you are looking for, and make the transaction as painless as possible. Please review the below terms and conditions and feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.


1. Warranty – AX Control items are guaranteed not DOA and all items are automatically warrantied upon purchase. Items that come with our unparalleled 3 year warranty include but are not limited to PLCs, HMIs, and Drive Boards. Drives come with our 2 year warranty. Please see your quotation/invoice for specific product warranty. All warranties are issued by AX Control Inc., not the manufacturer, and will only be honored by AX Control Inc. Please view our warranty page for a detailed copy of the warranty here. We hope this gives you the peace of mind and confidence to work with us on a regular basis.


2. Returns – If an item is found to be defective through normal use and wear and is within the 3 year period, the AX Control Warranty dictates the appropriate course of action. AX Control reserves the right to decide between refund, repair, or replacement with identical product. Because of the high volume of outgoing and incoming shipments on a day to day basis, we unfortunately cannot accept returns on items ordered mistakenly or part numbers ordered incorrectly. If you have any questions please contact us at


3. Exchanges – We offer an exchange credit for most non-working units as a dollar amount off of a current order. This credit takes effect prior to the transaction and results in a discount from the original sale price of the item to be purchased. AX Control reserves the right to not offer an exchange in the case of international buyers where considerations such as shipping costs and customs costs may render the exchange less cost effective. In the event of an exchange (as detailed under our exchange credit program), we will charge the customer the lower “exchange price” at the time of purchase. If the customer’s defective unit is not returned with 30 days of the invoice date, AX Control reserves the right to charge the customer the difference in pricing between the exchange price and the price of the product if bought without the exchange.

4. Quote Validity – All quotes are valid for 30 days and are based on total bill of material quoted and product availability. If you have a quote that is past 30 days old, please contact us to find out if the pricing and availability have changed before placing an order. Please note, in the case of Proforma Invoices, the product is not removed from stock until after payment has cleared.

5. Payment – We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and Personal Checks for all North American purchases, wire transfers for international orders, and cash for local pickups. We also grant Net 30 terms to any returning customers. If an order is placed and a Proforma Invoice is issued, no guarantee of product availability will be made until the funds are transferred.

6. Shipping –

Shipping Carriers: Here at AX Control we ship using UPS, FedEx, DHL, or TNT. We get very competitive rates based on our volume and will be happy to quote shipping cost to your location upon request. We also ship collect on the customer's account numbers if they prefer that option.

Shipping Blind: We respect our customer’s relationships with their clients and offer blind shipping as an option.

Shipping Process: In the case of new parts, we are always sure to package the factory box inside another larger box for safe transit. For reconditioned parts we often use AX Control's customized packaging that is specially made to protect the products from the bumps and falls present during shipment.


Shipping Options:

Next Day Air Early AM - The fastest overnight delivery option available with a guaranteed of arriving by 8:30AM.

Next Day Air – Guarantees delivery by 10:30AM and is the most frequently used option for overnight shipments.

Next Day Air Saver – Guarantees delivery by 3PM the next day.

2nd Day Air – For domestic shipments, sometimes having the order in 2 days good option.

Ground – Ground is the most inexpensive shipping option provided.


Emergency Courier – We prefer that the customer sets up the courier but at times we can help work with a courier service to get the part to your facility during downtimes scenarios. Please give us a call to see if this is an option on your order.

Please Note: If an order is placed before 4PM, products listed as “ships today” can ship same-day. For larger drives and motors we ask that notification for same-day shipments be provided by 2PM at the latest. For any products listed as “ships in 3-5 days”, please give us a call to see if this can be expedited.

7. Canceled orders – Orders over $1000.00 USD are non-cancellable orders. 

8. Location & Hours of Operation – AX Control’s main office is located in Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina and is open 8AM-5PM EST, excluding US Federal holidays.