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Delta Tau 603605-102 Flex CPU Piggyback Board PMAC


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Delta Tau 603605-102 Flex CPU Piggyback Board PMAC




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Product Description

The Delta Tau 603605-102 is a central processing unit (CPU) board designed for PMAC systems. As a flex board, this device can directly communicate with a number of PMAC products, including Turbo, PC, PCI, and VME. This board executes commands for the PMAC series based on inputs received from the user. Improvements to the board’s internal components have considerably extended the life cycle of the flex CPU boards. Up to eight servo axes can be simultaneously controlled using this system. Both battery backed RAM and flash memory storage are available and can be used in tandem. An integrated Motorola digital signal processor improves the output produced by the system. A RS-422 serial connection provides external interfacing capabilities.

Protecting the circuitry of the board requires following all manufacturer provided installation and storage parameters. Only personnel trained in handling and installing CPU boards should be permitted to handle this device. All static energy must be discharged from hands before installing the device. Static electricity and interrupt the circuits, rendering the device unusable. PMAC controllers should be housed in appropriately enclosed environments. Spaces such as electrical cabinets and personal computers are acceptable housing locations for this series. The PMAC series manual as well as the 603605-102 datasheet contains a complete guide to installing and operating the CPU board. Original technical support for this device was originally provided by the manufacturer, Delta Tau.

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