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Delta Tau 603367-103 PCI Board PMAC


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Delta Tau 603367-103 PCI Board PMAC




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Product Description

The Delta Tau 603367-103 is a peripheral component interconnect (PCI) board developed for the PMAC series. When installed into a PMAC system, this board provides interfacing capabilities with both servo drives and pulse and direction stepper drives. Up to eight individual axes can be controlled using this system, but expansion is possible. Additional accessories can provide an additional eight axes, allowing for sixteen total motion control axes. This PCI board features a 40 MHz CPU used for system control. Firmware and backup storage is available in the 512K x 8 of flash memory. Program storage is available with the additional 128K x 24 of flash SRAM.

Installation parameters outlined by the manufacturer should be followed to ensure the board operates as it should. Circuitries in 603367-103 require a qualified personnel to execute all handling and installation. Before handling, all static electricity should be discharged from hands. This can interrupt the circuits, causing possible corrosion or board degradation. Only certain NEMA 1 enclosures should be allowed to house the board. Mounted electrical cabinets and personal computer shells are acceptable housing options for any PMAC board. For a complete installation and safety guide, please refer to the device datasheet as well as the series manual. The manufacturer, Delta Tau, was the original provider of technical support for PMAC products.

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