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Delta Tau 602399-101 PMAC Lite ISA Motion Controller CNC


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Delta Tau 602399-101 PMAC Lite ISA Motion Controller CNC




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Product Description

The Delta Tau 602399-101 is an ISA motion controller designed for the PMAC Lite series. This board features computer numerical control, or CNC. Automatic movements of the PMAC system are executed using programmed machine control sequences. This high level of automation technology provides an accurate and precise output by the controller. Stand alone operation is possible with this board, but it can also be installed into a host CPU. Both PLC (programmable logic controller) and motion programs are accepted by this system. PLC programs operate asynchronously and scan the entire computer. Motion programs, instead, are sequenced and occur only as programmed by the user.

602399-101 includes a number of installation parameters that should be followed to ensure device longevity. Installing the board should be performed by trained personnel who are qualified to handle the device. All static energy should be discharged before beginning the device installation. Static electricity can transfer to the board and travel down the circuits, corroding and damaging them. PMAC systems should be installed in acceptable NEMA 1 grade enclosures. Areas such as electrical cabinets or personal computers serve as the best installation sites for the series. These enclosures will protect the PMAC system from floating debris, extreme temperatures, and excessive moisture. For a complete guide to installing the board, be sure to refer to the PMAC series manual as well as the board’s datasheet. Technical support for this system was originally provided by Delta Tau.

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