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Delta Tau 602199-503 PMAC Turbo VME Board


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Delta Tau 602199-503 PMAC Turbo VME Board




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Product Description

602199-503 is a VME board developed by Delta Tau for the PMAC Turbo series of motion controllers. This board can be applied as both a standalone operating system or as a slave to host computer. When operating with a host computer, this board provides communication interfaces between various PMAC CPU boards. Sequence execution happens on board via programmed motion programs. Programmable logic controller (PLC) programs can also be programmed and executed using this board. Internally, the board features an array of automatic functionality. A continuous servo loop automatically queues commanded positions of motors. Magnetic field orientation of rotors is estimated and measured using the board as well.

Installation and storage parameters provided by the manufacturer will prevent any accidental damages to the board. 602199-503 features various circuitries that require handling and installation by trained personnel. Be sure to discharge all static electricity before beginning to install the board. This energy can disrupt the circuits, causing possible device corrosion or error. Only NEMA 1 rated enclosures should store this board as well as the PMAC system. Acceptable housing options include mounted electrical cabinets or computer racks. For a complete installation and storage guide, please refer to the series manual as well as the device datasheet. Technical support for this board was originally provided by Delta Tau, the manufacturer.

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