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Delta Tau 602199-104 PMAC Multi-Axis Machine Circuit Board VME


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Delta Tau 602199-104 PMAC Multi-Axis Machine Circuit Board VME



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Product Description

The Delta Tau 602199-104 is an industrial multi-axis circuit board developed to interface with PMAC VME systems. PMAC, or programmable multi-axis controllers, products are high performance motion controllers. This board serves as a command center for the device, prompting axes and electrical parts to operate. Additional optional boards can be installed with this device, expanding the capabilities of the circuit boards.

A Motorola DSP 56K digital signal processor is integrated into 602199-104. Processors for the board operate at 12 MHz. External interfacing is possible with the included RS-422 serial port. A 16 bit ADC (analog to digital converter) output works to expand produced device outputs. VME bus interface is also a part of the system, allowing for uninterrupted system communications. A battery backed wait-state SRAM featuring a cache of 128K x 24 memory is available for on-board job and program storage.

602199-104 features delicate circuitries that require users to follow careful handling parameters. Only trained personnel should be permitted to handle and install this board. Damages to the board can be a result of improper handling. When featured on production lines, the entire PMAC system should be housed in an appropriate enclosure. Areas like computers or electrical cabinets are suitable housing environments for the device. For a complete installation and safety guide, refer to the series manual and device datasheet. Delta Tau, the manufacturer, was the original technical support provider for this deivce.

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