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The 602199-102 is a Delta Tau PMAC circuit board


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The 602199-102 is a Delta Tau PMAC circuit board




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Product Description

The 602199-102 is a Delta Tau Turbo PMAC VME.  The Delta Tau PMAC family of controllers are full computers that are capable of standalone operation with their own stored programs.  They are real-time, multitasking computers that can prioritize tasks and pre-empt lower priority tasks when those of higher priority need to take precedence.   It can handle all tasks required for machine control, including executing motion programs and PLC programs, servo loop, and commutation updates, and performing housekeeping tasks.

The 602199-102 is recommended for use in applications that need more than eight +/-10V channels in a VME-based or a standalone environment.   The board is built with an 80 MHz DSP56303 CPU and flash memory. If there are changes made to the flash memory, these must be saved manually.    The 602199-102 communicates through the VME bus. It can also communicate through the RS-422 serial interface via an optional ACC-3D flat cable connection.   Communication ports on the 602199-102 are designed to be independent of each other, which allows multiple devices to communicate with the board at any given time.

The 602199-102 is typically built with a front faceplate that includes several connectors.  The board has two backplane connectors and several female vertical connectors for the addition of auxiliary boards.  The 602199-102 is already fitted with standoffs for the support of these auxiliaries. The board also has four male vertical pin connectors for the connection of communication devices, such as ribbon cables.   The board is populated with components like integrated circuits, resistor network arrays, voltage regulators, TP test points, transistors, jumper switches, and capacitors. If more information is needed, please refer to manufacturer data sheets that reference this part number, or to the series user guide.  

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