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Multi-Axis Controller Baseboard


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Multi-Axis Controller Baseboard



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Product Description

Delta Tau created the PMAC-PC's Multi-Axis Controller Baseboard to help the building of a CPU. This unit is a full sized ISA-bus expansion card. This means that the system has a 16-bit bus that follows IBM and Intel standards. This is a piggyback board that holds the CPU board within it. The board uses more than one slot to function, but a half slot will still be available for modding. This extra slot space can be used for things like RAM Boards. This ISA-bus is not necessary for the PMAC to communicate to a larger system of devices. The reason for this is because the main system comes with either a RS-232 or a RS-422 serial port.

The Multi-Axis Controller Baseboard Uses a slew of digital processors. The processors that this board uses are the Motorola DSP 56001, 56002 and the 56003 digital signal processors. The RAM memory of the system is backed by a battery powered system to ensure function. There are also flash memory on the system that controls how fast the system work. These two systems of memory work together to form the memory system of the PMAC-PC.

There are four separate versions of the board that exists. They all differ in megahertz limit. There is a 20, 40 , 60, and 80 megahertz model of the device. There is also 8 servo axes per board.

The searchable product number of the Multi-Axis Controller Baseboard is 602191-103. Call us now to get pricing quotes and information about our warranties.

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