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H0-CTRIO2 High-Speed Counter Module


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H0-CTRIO2 High-Speed Counter Module



Contact: 1-919-372-8413 (Intl.), 1-800-991-7026 (US),

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Product Description

The H0-CTRIO2 High Speed Counter Interface contains current sourcing or current sinking FET outputs, depending on how the module is configured. The voltage must be between 5 and 36 VDC.  36 VDC is the highest voltage. The highest load current is 0.5 A at 23℃ temperature  and 0.33 A at 60℃ temperature per point. The pulse output control must be between is 20 Hz and  250 Hz.

The surrounding environmental temperature of the H0-CTRIO2 High Speed Counter Interface must be  between 32℉ and 140℉ (0℃ to 60℃). The humidity (non-condensing) is 5% to 95%.

The H0-CTRIO2 provides 1500 V I/O-to-logic isolation, 1000 V among input channels and all outputs.

4 DC sink/source inputs at 250 kHz maximum are supported. The input voltage range is 9-30 VDC and the maximum voltage is 30 VDC. Thee H0-CTRIO2 features 5 LED indicators on the front of the device.

OK Model OK.

ERR User program malfunction.

A Channel 1 function 1 resource state.

B Channel 1 function 2 resource state.

Y0 and Y1 Output status.

The CTRIO2 Workbench tool is used to configure the H0-CTRIO. You can map the module memory, assign I/O points, and perform other configuration functions. You must configure the module in RUN mode.


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